Colour wheel challenge

This was a warm up challenge.

“Take 10 minutes to create the colour wheel with found objects.”

colour wheel challenge 1colour wheel challenge4978colour wheel challenge4980colour wheel challenge4975colour wheel challenge4986colour wheel challenge4977colour wheel challenge4981colour wheel challenge4982

colour wheel challenge4983

Nest Building


After reading ‘The Magic Finger‘ there was a great deal of interest in nest building.

Trying to build a nest with a clothes peg or chopsticks is challenging!

These were created with recycled materials and some bark from peeling sticks.

Cling film, coated with PVA glue lined a disc cone and then strips were pressed across the surface. Each layer was painted with glue. Use sparingly!

Left to dry they peeled from the cling film relatively successfully.

inside nestgroup of nests


Some time ago I visited the Design Museum in London, it was inspirational.

I was fascinated by this animation and I returned home to experiment with my camera and the macro options. Have a browse through the flicker album, link via image.


I painstakingly removed the individual parts by tweezer.

I laid them out separately and in groups in a bid to count the total number of parts.

I photographed the process to produce a set of images to stimulate mathematical discussions.

I hasten to add that I lost patience, perseverance and count!!

However  this idea has continued to develop over the years.

Tunnocks Teacakes

A colleague I truly admire and respect retired. He had travelled the country inspiring collegiate creativity, building community and digital professionalism. He always arrived with ‘Scottish tapas’ – Tunnocks Teacakes. It seemed fitting to create a wee paper something to mark the occasion. The roof was too heavy so the structure was unstable but it was great fun to make!